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230 Lowell St., Suite 1B
Wilmington, MA 01887

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Heller Eyecare

Our doctors and eye care team provide the expert care, advice, options, and follow-up you need whether you are a new patient or an existing one.


Seeing is Vital to the Quality of your Life

At Heller Eyecare, our goal is to provide our patients with skilled and comprehensive eye care. We will use the highest quality materials and provide the same superior service that we would expect to receive. We are dedicated to satisfying the needs of our patients; making the health of their eyes our number one priority.

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Eye Focus on Glasses

We carry the latest European and American designer eyewear collections in a variety of styles, colors and materials.

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Eye Focus on Contacts

Whether you wear daily, weekly or monthly disposables, or conventional (vial) lenses, check out our selection of lenses that fit your needs.

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Eye Focus on Sunglasses

Whether or not you require vision correction, sunglasses can add an element of comfort and enhanced performance to your activities.

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Tech Focus: Dry Eyesclipart 043

Most eye doctors will tell you that rubbing your eyes is harmful and can damage your cornea. It’s recommended that you rely on over the counter eye drops if the dryness is mild and soothes the irritation, but if eye drops fail to do the trick, the next best case would be visit one of our optometrists at Heller Eye Care. We can advise you how to deal with your dry eyes in the safest & most effective way.

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Is 20/20 Vision “Perfect” Vision?

If you have an eye exam and are told you have 20/20 vision, does this mean you have perfect eyesight? Is it possible to achieve even better than 20/20 vision? And what is "perfect vision" anyway? To answer these questions, let's take a closer look at vision-related terminology to fully understand...
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230 Lowell St., Suite 1B
Wilmington, MA 01887


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